Falling into place.

Some decisions are difficult to make and yet, when you finally get around to making it, things fall into place and you realize that it was the right decision at the right time. There could be many signs. But if it is something that you fear doing the most - that's probably a good sign [...]

Mentoring from a stranger.

What are you working on today? Arms. How often do you workout? This was the start of a gym conversation between a well-muscled man and a kid in his mid-teens. I turned the podcast I was listening to off to listen in. The older gentleman shared a few tips - he works one muscle group [...]

Our reality bubble.

We see the world through some level of egocentricity. Our default is to view from our own perspective and to think that this is the whole world, that there isn't anything outside of that reality. Then other levels of cognition kick in and we are aware, to varying degrees depending on the person and the [...]

Dog fitness.

I'm watching our older dog, a large lab, begin to lose strength in is back legs. It has been happening for awhile, but all of a sudden it feels as though he declined rapidly. While our little pup is my main running partner, whenever I hit a trail they both get to come along. Just [...]