Season of sacrifice.

Gretchen Rubin and Elizabeth Craft talk about a "season of sacrifice" on their Happier podcast to refer to periods in life that are particularly busy. As a TV writer, Elizabeth Craft definitely experiences these crazy-busy periods, contrasted with lulls in the work load; but all of us experience cycles that are particularly busy. This summer, [...]

The Norseman.

Have you heard of this race? It's an Ironman distance race - but absolutely insane. It's in Norway. You swim in really cold water, and climb a ridiculous amount on the bike and the run. About 250 start the race (out of many more who try to get in), but only 160 get to complete [...]

Words matter.

Has a doctor or vet ever given you a diagnosis without properly explaining what it means? Or maybe they gave bad news and did explain it - in an overly matter-of-fact way leaving you distressed and wondering where their emotions are? Or maybe a lawyer seemed to lack humanity when helping you on an important [...]

My favorite race day story.

Today, during our local sprint triathlon, an aunt and nephew both signed up together to do the race. Sadly, during the bike ride, the nephew's bike broke. It was a complete break - nothing that could be fixed while on course. His aunt wanted to let him go on and swapped numbers and let him [...]

My fav shirt

Wore my favorite shirt today as I ran around preparing for tomorrow's tri (I'm the race director which means chaos on race eve). "Money can't buy happiness but it can buy Ionman race entries which is basically the same thing" Reminds me why I'm happy to give back to the community directing our mini tri.

Triathlon transitions.

You can figure out the swimming, biking, and running - but transitioning between them in one event? How do you do that? What does a typical setup look like? What should you bring? Here is a basic rundown of what you will find at most races when you show up race morning, how to set [...]