Tools for decisionmaking.

I was recently talking with someone about a decision I had to make that's been weighing on my mind. It's not so much that the actual decision matters hugely in the broad scheme of things, but I am concerned that I felt powerless to make the other decision, which was a no and carried the [...]

Changes over time.

As I talk with locals who have lived in my current community far longer than me, longer than I have been alive, I am reminded that time is difficult to grasp in the present moment. Communities change. Our relationships change. Our lives change, sometimes so slowly that we hardly perceive it. So too can our [...]

An outside perspective.

No matter how hard we try, we may not be able to see why we are successful, or why we are having trouble or failing at something. We may not recognize our own strengths because when it's easy for us, it is difficult to realize that it's difficult for other people. And when other people [...]


One reason that it can be easier to stay with what you know is because learning something new can be daunting. The fear is valid. Learning something new is sometimes overwhelming. When I started my job at the Alaska Attorney General's office, I had to learn a fairly complex eligibility system for some healthcare benefits [...]