Sharing the trilife.

Each individual will enjoy and do best with different types of exercise and sport. But we don't know what our bet fit will be (which can change throughout our lives) without trying different options. Triathlon has a higher barrier than many sports since it is 3 in 1, and in total there is a fair [...]

Workplace leadership.

Many people who are actually in charge of leading a group (supervisors, etc) are not very good at it. I think this must be true given how many people I know who are not inspired by the work they do for their supervisor. I recognize that this is easy to say from the sidelines. I [...]

Your leadership.

I think a lot about leadership. It is a topic that interests me and I think it gets at the core of our humanity. defines leadership as heading up a group ("the position or function of a leader, a person who guides or directs a group; the leaders of a group"); but also as [...]