My favorite special salad.

This is definitely not our go-to everyday salad, but it is a great treat for every once in awhile, and makes an appearance throughout our summers. It is from the Colorado Collage cookbook from the Junior League of Denver (with a few of my own notes added). Southwestern Ceasar Dressing 3 tsp minced garlic2 shallots, [...]


Spending a little time on the front end can save a lot of time on the back end. Taking time to figure out efficient systems in your life can keep you organized and save time and energy. One strategy I have heard of recently, I believe on this podcast with Gretchen Rubin, is to put [...]

Falling into place.

Some decisions are difficult to make and yet, when you finally get around to making it, things fall into place and you realize that it was the right decision at the right time. There could be many signs. But if it is something that you fear doing the most - that's probably a good sign [...]