Winning teams keep winning. Not just because they are better. It's also because they have a winning mindset. If you think you'll win, you are more likely to. The same goes with anything you set out to do. Believe in yourself. (In a realistic non-narcicistic way).

What can your body do?

What's the thing you hate most about your body? What do you love the most about your body? Did your answer to the first question come more easily than your answer to the second? Instead of being obsessed with a particular look, one that you think may be the body of a healthy athlete, what [...]

Going ‘pro’.

Our world is changing. We no longer need to wait to get picked for many activities that once had a barrier to entry. We can self publish and make our book available to anyone with an Amazon account. We can start creating movies on our own and upload to YouTube. We can connect with people [...]

Projects: school vs. adulting.

Remember when you were in school? You probably spent hours daily on different assignments. Remember science projects and presentations where you created and explored? Papers that you spent hours perfecting? Talks that you gave? Months ago, I designed a program for my health coaching practice. I spent hours creating 30 different pages and setting up [...]