Welcome to my blog. Here, I share with you my love of triathlon which includes the whole deal: the joyous moments, the down moments, and my commentary about what I find completely funny about the sport and what it leads me to do. Because my triathlon journey is also intermingled with my health journey, I share some of that too (and occasionally whatever is on my mind). I couldn’t do triathlon without the fuel to run on, and without the life environment that allows me to devote the time and money that I do to the sport.

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I do make product recommendations on this site when I try something and love it; and I will share what I try and do not love. I have no insider or financial connection to any of these products. Nothing has been offered to me free to try and review. If that ever happens, which I doubt, I will let you know up front.
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My name is Liz. I started triathlon in earnest in 2014. That year I completed two Olympic distance races and 3 sprint distance races (one of which was the day after an Olympic – the PG Squared). The next year I upped to 70.3 races and completed two of those. And then in December 2016 I completed my first Ironman distance race. I fell in love with that distance and have since completed one Ironman each calendar year.

I am not fast. I am not a trim athlete-looking type. I have been active my whole life, but never fast or particularly skillful. But something has drawn me to triathlon. I had dabbled in it, but also was trying out other things to keep me active. One of those ventures was to try indoor soccer. I loved soccer up through high school and wanted to get back into it, so I joined an indoor league in fall 2013. Sadly, the first time I went for the ball, my knee gave out. The meniscus ended up folding into the joint; and through xrays we discovered that I had fractured my knee and no longer had an ACL. It looked as though I probably hadn’t had an ACL in quite some time; which would explain why my knee gave out for a number of years. A year after surgery was my first year truly getting into triathlon and I have become increasingly obsessed ever since.

My years of triathlon have been quite the learning experience as I have explored different gels and creams in places and at times I didn’t think they made gels and creams for. I have bought and tried out different clothing options. Different training types. Read many different books. Eaten different diets. And, oh the different powders I have tried! It still all seems very new to me as I continue to learn and try new things. But one cold winter morning I found myself raving about a new cream – one designed to keep muscles warm in cold weather. It is designed for cyclists and I think for bare skin, but I used it under my tights and it seemed to really work! I decided that day to start sharing more about my triathlon journey through this blog. I stopped for a bit, but I’m back at it with a short post delivered daily.